The Anusim Center
for those who awaken from their slumber
Helping B'nei Anusim reconnect to their heritage
As advocates for B'nei Anusim we facilitate Halachic Return and
Halachic Conversions, rescue B'nei Anusim misled, or deceived, by
Messianic Groups, and lobby for broader recongition of B'nei Anusim
in Authoritative Rabbinic Groups.

We are a group of Orthodox Jews
(Ashkenaz & Sephard), "Returnees"
and converts sensitive to the issues concerning return of B'nei
Anusim to their ancestral heritage.

Basis for what we do...
Exodus (Shmot) 20:4-5 4 ... I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the
iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation
of them that hate Me;
5 and showing mercy unto the thousandth generation
of them that love Me and keep My commandments".

This is understood to mean that if parents do not pass down Jewish
customs and traditions to their children - then by the 5th generation those
descendants are considered non-Jews
(even with their Jewish geneology). In
such a case, Halachic Conversion is required to be accepted back into the
Jewish community - this holds true for all Jews, at all times, in all lands -
not just B'nei Anusim. Halachah
(Jewish Law) categorizes the status of a
Jew according to their commitment to rabbinic tradition. The three most
common categories are:

Min - a Jew who denies the existence of God,
Meshumad - a Jew who willingly converts to another religion (apostate) and abandons
observance of Halachah,
Anusim - a Jew forced to convert to alien creed yet observes Jewish Law in private.

Yes, it is true, some people descend
from the forced converts of Spain
and Portugal and are known to descend
from Conversos
(i.e.Jews who converted and
totally assimilated into the Christian religion
thereby losing ALL Jewish customs and
...and for those folks this
(Jewish Law) is valid and it
does apply to them
(i.e. they need to
undergo Halachic conversion to rejoin the
Jewish people).

If you wish to explore returning to normative Rabbinic Judaism, you will find
numerous web-based resources to assist you in compiling genealogical evidence.

Please be aware that, in practice, 1 person out of 100 qualifies for "Halachic
Return". For those who do not qualify for halachic return we then recommend you
to genuine Synagogues to pursue conversion under the guidance of Yeshiva-trained
Rabbis with a minimum of 'YorehYoreh' Smichah.
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In Jewish belief, the essence of Abraham is shielded from danger within all
of us throughout countless generations. The guardian of Israel never sleeps.
His chosen nation never entirely loses touch with who they really are.